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    Md Mofassair Hossain joins the USAT team

    The United Scientists Association of Technology Inc. welcomes Md Mofassair Hossain to the team!

    USAT Inc. is delighted to announce that blockchain superstar, Md Mofassair Hossain, has joined our team as CMO! Ranked as one of the top 20 advisors on ICObench, Mr Hossain has worked on over thirteen ICOs across his career, helping each of them to reach success. He is the CEO and Founder of Perhalic (a blockchain news site), an ambassador of Humaniq, and an advocate for DasCoin. Mr Hossain is also a member of Israeli Blockchain Association and the Global Blockchain Advisory Professionals.

    As a Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA) and an investor, Mr Hossain has years of business experience as well as marketing experience, allowing him to deliver expert advice on budget allocation, strategy, social media planning, partner acquisition, bounties, and airdrops. Highly regarded for his practical and team-player approach to his work, Mr Hossain brings enthusiasm and dedication to every project he joins, as well as his valuable insight.

    Mr Hossain was attracted to the USAT Inc. platform because of the positive contributions it has to offer the world:

    “ The United Scientists Association of Technology platform is such a great use of blockchain technology: it connects investors with innovators to fund and develop their vision, making innovative products to make a positive impact not only on whole countries, but also on the whole world. I am proud to be a part of this great team. ”

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