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    Participating in the data collection for the USAT ScienSmart Caloriemetre

    There’s a new opportunity for those that wish to earn USAT tokens!

    "participate and earn priority access"

    You will also be helping us complete one of our flagship patented products!

    Our group of scientific experts are near completion of a breakthrough Sciensmart (R) method and device for weight control and obesity reduction. The Sciensmart (R) weight controller measures the calories burned by the user and monitors the energy balance accurately and in real time, using only a smartphone and a patented software application to it. The application is calibrated to each individual, which makes it 100% accurate.

    "We need people from around the world"

    We need people from around the world wishing to participate in testing the Sciensmart (R) application.  Anybody, no mater of sex, age and weight, can participate and earn priority access to the Sciensmart (R) weight controller and a payment in USAT tokens.

    All it takes is about half of an hour simple exercise from home and a smartphone.

    Please, send your expression of interest to our Chief Scientific Officer at and you will receive your instructions and award shortly.

    For more information on this product, please visit:

    The more people that participate the better. We have a minimum threshold of around 2000 people required for this cohort (of different ages, genders, smoking habits etc). If we exceed this number it’s even better because it will make for a more accurate algorithm for the software.

    "people of all ages and fitness levels"

    We would like people of all ages and fitness levels to assist with this data collection. The more diversified the cohort, the better!

    This request for people to participate in the fitness data collection is open to everyone, not just token holders. The benefits are twofold; firstly we will reward all participants with tokens; and secondly all token holders will benefit from helping us to complete this phase of the product development, so that we can have a faster road to market with this technology. The quicker we have the Caloriemetre ready for market acquisition, the sooner we can generate revenues from this product and activate that round of purchases of our tokens from exchanges.