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    USAT’s innovative service fee model for innovators

    As an incubator for new technologies, USAT Inc encourages innovators to bring their ideas to the Association for commercialisation. USAt Inc has developed a system for on-boarding projects to the platform, where both innovators and current token holders can benefit from the system.

    Innovators are required to purchase USAT Tokens from the crypto-exchanges in order to activate the USAT commercialisation services and load the project to the platform.

    The service fees are intended as a way to stimulate our token economy and engage the innovators as part of our community.

    The service fees are calculated on a case by case basis, depending on the level of engagement that is expected of USAT and the depth of the services required. For example, if they are seeking introductions to funding, the amount of funding and level of preparation will determine the service fee.

    The fee is a set fee of BTC (not number of tokens) that needs to be purchased from the exchanges that we are listed on at the time. For example, a fee of 3 BTC would need to be purchased from an exchange, which would then activate our services. Thanks to the blockchain accounting infrastructure, it makes it easy for us to validate whether the transaction has indeed occurred.

    The benefit to the innovators is that this service fee is not simply a payment for services, but also they acquire tokens which they can then resell in the future (hopefully at a higher price). In the end they receive the services AND may benefit from more BTC than what they started with, if they resell the tokens at the right time.