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    USAT Inc Solar Wind Farm Project – The search for Australian sites

    USAT Solar Wind Farm Project – Australian testing sites found

    Interest generated by USAT in the Solar Wind Farm (SWF) technology has come from around globe, from prospective customers who see the potential in the low tech and low capital cost solution to generate power.

    The technical solution had reached the stage where testing sites needed to be identified in order to demonstrate to the global renewables energy market how the system performs at a customer specific design level. These test sites will not only generate power, but will also be thoroughly tested by our engineers in order to perpetually improve the design and efficiency of the future systems.

    USAT is headquartered in the Sunshine Coast area in south east Queensland, Australia, on the coastal strip between the Great Dividing Range and the Pacific Ocean coastline.  Sites found in various locations in the region have all the qualities required for the SWF system to operate at full efficiency. USAT is also thrilled to be engaging the local community for the manufacturing of the working sections, electrical components as well as the utilisation of the power produced.

    The SWF technology works most effectively when installed on a north facing, flat slope, which is located in close proximity to the point of utilisation of the power, or fed directly into the electricity network.  Land owners who appreciate the value of this technology and who posses suitable land, were approached in order to qualify whether having a SWF located on their property would be suitable.  Three suitable locations were identified and the engineering team assessed the sites for the best possible design for each site. Two sites were chosen which met all the requirements for the installations.

    The plan is to install a 15KW system in one location and a similar sized system in the other location. The electricity generated would be used to provide electricity to power hungry equipment used on the farms. Several follow up stages are planned up to and including a fully operational utility scale Australian system.

    Proving the operational effectiveness of customer level deployments is a significant step towards penetrating the global utility scale power supply market.  The application of this technology will increase the use of renewal energy and will provide power in many different scenarios from new industries like powering cryptocurrency mining industries, to replacing ageing and increasingly redundant diesel generators in island communities and other isolated locations.